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A Unique Dietary Supplement, for improved joint flexibility.
Rosiflex contains a unique and safe natural ingredient, Rosehip powder, which has been used for several years in Europe as a remedy for painful joints. When used regular, Rosiflex brings relief from the pain and rigidity of joint problems such as arthritis, in up to 82% of all patients that too, in a span of just 3 weeks. Being a natural supplement, Rosiflex is extremely safe even on long-term use.

Rosiflex Aquamix is available in a 100% pure vegetarian sachet form. It has a very convenient dosage of 1 sachet twice daily to be mixed in water at room temperature. A delicious lemon flavored drink is ready for you to help protect your joints from damage.

Regular use of ROSIFLEX™ for about 3 weeks offers pain relief, keeps joints healthy & enhances mobility & flexibility.

Nutritional Information

Rosiflex is available in 2 forms - Capsules & Powder filled in Sachets.
  Composition:        Per Capsule      Per Sachet
Rosehip Powder
750 mg
2.25 g

Welcome to Co-Rosiflex, a unique, 1st time in India product for the benefit of Osteoarthritis patients, brought to you by Kinedex Healthcare.


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