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Actions & Benefits

Co-Rosiflex, due to the synergistic action of its special blend of Collagen and Rosehip extract acts through two powerful modes of action-stimulation of cartilage tissue production and anti-inflammatory action. Co-Rosiflex is thus, a unique product that not only tackles pain, stiffness and inflammation, but also helps in repairing the underlying damage in the joints of osteoarthritic patients. This makes Co-Rosiflex the product of choice for the maintenance of joint health in arthritic patients.
Co-Rosiflex has shown to have a positive effect on the cartilage, which is the protective covering at the bone ends which acts as a shock absorber in the joints and helps in easy pain-free movement.
Co-Rosiflex also exerts anti-inflammatory actions and has been shown to decrease joint pain, improve joint health and increase mobility and flexibility in osteoarthritic patients.
The benefits reported by patients in clinical studies show that, after routine intake of Co-Rosiflex sachets, you find your joint pain decreasing, your ability to move about improving and joint flexibility also improving. So you will be able to carry out your day-to-day activities in a much easier manner, with a little more independence than earlier.
Please take Co-Rosiflex only on the advice of your doctor. This information is no substitute for proper medical advice of your doctor.
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