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Each 8 gm sachet of Co-Rosiflex contains Collagen hydrolysate 5 gm blended with Rosehip aqueous extract 0.55 gm.
Co-Rosiflex is available in sachet pack of 8 gms each, packed in a carton of 20 sachets.
Finzelberg GmbH, the originator of this concept (as Nutrifin Motion Plus in Germany), has licensed the product for various other countries as listed below:
Country Marketed brand
India Co-Rosiflex
Spain Jointsol / Kinesadol
Poland Duo Forte
Singapore Recogen Gold
Croatia Flexan
The product is also to be launched very soon in Japan, China, Indonesia, Thailand, Mexico & Brazil.
Co-Rosiflex is marketed in India by Kinedex Healthcare, in technical collaboration with Finzelberg, a Martin Bauer Group Company, Germany.
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