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Scientific Evidence

The unique blend in Co-Rosiflex has been tested in scientific studies, by Martin Bauer Group company, Finzelberg GmbH, for its benefits and safety on joint health.
Co-Rosiflex is made from the proprietary imported blend of Collagen hydrolysate and Rosehip extract, which is derived from specially cultivated Rosehips by the Martin Bauer Group, using a patented technology to ensure that the joint-health promoting benefits of the fruit remain intact.
The soothing benefits with Co-Rosiflex have been reported in just 4 weeks of usage and 75% of patients have reported an improvement in the Quality of Life with Co-Rosiflex. Safety of the product is also very good.
Please take Co-Rosiflex only on the advice of your doctor. This information is no substitute for proper medical advice of your doctor.
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