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Usage & Safety

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The recommended dosage for Co-Rosiflex is 1 sachet daily. To enjoy the benefits of Co-Rosiflex for long-term, continue to take 1 sachet daily as symptoms can recur on discontinuation.
You can safely continue taking Co-Rosiflex for as long as recommended by your doctor. Being a nutritional supplement it is safe for long-term use.
If you are suffering from other medical conditions also, besides osteoarthritis, like high blood pressure or diabetes, please inform your doctor about it. The safety of the product and its drug interactions are well understood. You can safely take Co-Rosiflex along with your medicines for your other ailments.
Co-Rosiflex is specially formulated using German Technology with no added sugar and no added colourants so that the product is safer for arthritic patients with other concomitant medical conditions. Co-Rosiflex has delicious orange flavour.
Please take Co-Rosiflex only on the advice of your doctor. This information is no substitute for proper medical advice of your doctor.
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