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What is Co-Rosiflex?

Co-Rosiflex, is a nutritional supplement marketed by Kinedex Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. in technical collaboration with Finzelberg GmbH, Germany. Co-Rosiflex is made from the proprietary imported spray dried blend of Collagen hydrolysate and Rosehip extract, which is derived from specially cultivated Rosehips by the Martin Bauer Group, Germany, using a patented technology to ensure that the joint-health promoting benefits of the fruit remain intact. The special blend is then formulated as sachets in India by manufacturing companies approved by FDA (Food and Drug Authority) of India.
Each 8 gm sachet of Co-Rosiflex contains Collagen hydrolysate 5 gm blended with Rosehip aqueous extract 0.55 gm. Co-Rosiflex is available in sachet pack of 8 gms each, packed in a carton of 20 sachets.
Available treatment options for osteoarthritis include pharmacological treatment and surgical interventions, both of which have limitations of their own. The commonly used medical treatment in terms of NSAIDs has a high potential to cause significant side effects on different organs including the liver, stomach, intestinal tract, heart, kidney, etc. The search for safer treatment options which are safer for long term use in osteoarthritis has culminated in the discovery of this special blend of Collagen hydrolysate with Rosehip extract, Co-Rosiflex. With a multifold mechanism of action, Co-Rosiflex is a complete therapy in OA that repairs underlying damage, reduces joint pain and inflammation and restores mobility and flexibility.
Co-Rosiflex is available to patients only on the prescription of a registered medical practitioner.
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