Welcome to Rosiflex-C, a unique 1st time in India product for the benefit of Osteoarthritis patients, brought to you by Kinedex Healthcare.
Rosiflex-C is a nutritional supplement from Kinedex Healthcare Ltd. which is combined to excel with higher strength Vitamin C and Rosehip extract. Rosehip has been regularly used in Europe as a remedy for joint pain, whereas Vitamin C in Rosiflex-C is a potent anti-oxidant, which helps to tackle free radical attack that can damage the cartilage in joints.
If you are an osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis patient, you too can avail the benefits of Rosiflex-C which is a unique vegetarian combination. Check with your doctor to know if Rosiflex-C is appropriate for you.
Please take Rosiflex-C only on the advice of your doctor. This information is no substitute for proper medical advice of your doctor.
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