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What is Rosiflex-C?

Rosiflex-C is a nutritional supplement marketed by Kinedex Healthcare Ltd. Rosiflex-C is a combination of Rosehip extract and high strength Vitamin C.
Each capsule of Rosiflex-C contains Rosehip Extract: 275 mg and Vitamin C: 362.5 mg* (*Total vitamin C content is 500 mg per capsule of which 137.5 mg is from Rosehip extract and 362.5 mg is from additional high grade ascorbic acid). Each bottle of Rosiflex-C contains 20 capsules. The capsules used for Rosiflex-C are special vegetarian capsules which are made from cellulose making this formulation completely vegetarian.
Rosehip is widely used internationally and is sold in many countries across the globe, including USA and all countries of Europe. The Rosehip extract used in Rosiflex-C is enriched with high strength Vitamin C and this blend is imported from Europe. Rosehip extract is derived from Rosehip powder by a complex process which involves extraction, purification, ultra-filtration and drying.
Please take Rosiflex-C only on the advice of your doctor. This information is no substitute for proper medical advice of your doctor.
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