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What is Rosiflex-C?

Rosiflex-C is a nutritional supplement marketed by Kinedex Healthcare Ltd. Rosiflex-C is a combination of Rosehip extract and high strength Vitamin C.
Each capsule of Rosiflex-C contains Rosehip Extract: 275 mg and Vitamin C: 362.5 mg* (* Total vitamin C content is 500 mg per capsule of which 137.5 mg is from Rosehip extract and 362.5 mg is from additional high grade ascorbic acid). Each bottle of Rosiflex-C contains 20 capsules. The capsules used for Rosiflex-C are special vegetarian capsules which are made from cellulose making this formulation completely vegetarian.
Current treatment options for osteoarthritis include the use of NSAID's and surgical procedures that have certain limitations of their own. The use of NSAID's have a high potential to cause significant side effects on different organs including the liver, stomach, intestinal tract, heart, kidney, etc.
Rosiflex-C due to its special blend of Rosehip extract and high strength Vitamin C exhibits dual mode of action which not only reduces pain in the joints but also reduces risk of cartilage loss and retards progression of arthritis.
Rosiflex-C is combined to excel with higher strength Vitamin C and Rosehip extract. Vitamin C scavenges free radicals that damage cartilage in joints and is also essential for collagen synthesis as it acts as an electron donor in the synthesis of type II collagen. Rosehip extract on the other hand has an anti-inflammatory action which inhibits PMNL's to damaged joints and also inhibits IL-6, IL-B, TNF-A, MMP-1 and MMP-3, matrix metallo-proteinases which damages cartilage.
Rosiflex-C is available to patients only on the prescription of a registered medical practitioner.
(For more information kindly contact: rosiflex@kinedexhealth.com)
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